"The land of smiles."

Over the years, Thailand has gotten many environmental issues. Due to the increase of population, land and water quality has decreased, and there is air polution. A plan to stop this is CPD-E. It focuses on: Air quality, Water quality, Waste toxins and chemicals, and Institutions and Instruments.

Thailand is known as "the land of smiles". The people give it that name as they very easy going, kind and forgiving. The population is roughly 59 million and the capitol is Bangkok where around 6.7 million people live. 75% are Thai, 14% are Chinese and the remaining 11% are mostly Indian, Malay or other cultures. 94% know how to read and have a good education. The life expectancy is 66 for men and 72 for women.

The north-eastern part of Thailand is home to many hill tribes. One of these tribes is the Akha, who are very famous for their fabulous headresses decorated with beads and feathers. The Akha people came froom Tibet in 1911. The Hmong fled from war in China. They are divided into groups according to the colour of their dress. The most prominent of these are blue and white. The Karen live on along the Thai-Burmese border. They wear neck rings to stretch their necks.
  • The Hmong
  • A Karen woman wearing brass rings
  • An Akha woman
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