Thailand has had music since ancient times. Nowadays Western music is very popular in Thailand. Music is played by lots of Thais as well. The king of Thailand is a famous jazz musician and two daughters are recog
nised in music.

Thai drama is Thai dance. Khon plays are very popular in which every dance or move has a certain meaning. Every actor is masked.

Lakhon has less dance and is less formal. All actors are unmasked. It has many variations. Lakhon Nai is very romantic and slow with deep music. Lakhon Nok is only performed by men and is very lively with some off-colour humour.thumb|370px|left|Thai dancing

Li-ke is like Lakhon. It features lots of humour and is mainly comedy.

Thai dancing is treated like moving poetry. Dances are stories of myths and religion with lots of hand movement. Many flock to see these dances and drama.

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